The GYM is located on the seventh floor. The facility has been created for the use of adult and teenage residents over the age of 16 and guests that accompany them.  As per the motion of the Board of Manager, anyone from the age of 13 to 15 can use the Health Club equipment only with parental supervision.

House Rules for safety using the gym and sauna are posted; please observe them.

Be a considerate user.

Wear appropriate athletic attire, including shoes and shirts.

Radios, tapes and CDs may only be used with earphones.

If someone is waiting to use the equipment or machine you are using, please limit the time to 45 minutes.  Please let the person know when you will be done.

Be a Safe and Sanitary User.

Use only the equipment you know about.  You can hurt yourself with these machines if you are not trained to use them.

Always wipe your sweat off the machines after use.

Replace the barbells after you use them.

Unit owners assume all risk for non-compliance.

Never move the machines around.

Do not bring food into the GYM.  Liquids in plastic containers are fine; you need fluids.

Do not bring glass containers into the GYM.

The refrigerator is for storage during your workout; anything found without owner present may be discarded during janitorial cleanup.

Keep the bathrooms neat and clean; be considerate of the next user.

Be Mindful of Maintenance and Conversation.

Don’t fix anything yourself; you could blow out a circuit (or a warranty).

Never let a weight or weighted part of a machine freefall.

Do not tamper with sauna thermostat; an attempt to heat the sauna beyond its temperature is a violation of NYC Code.  Do not add water to sauna heater.

AnaMaria Orrego, our gym coordinator, is generally in attendance early in the morning; notes can be left for her in the GYM or at the front desk.

Be Considerate in the Play Room.

Never leave children unsupervised.

Put toys back in their places when you leave.

Clean up spills right away.

Don’t let children wander into the GYM.  The equipment can be dangerous to the child.

If a toy is broken, leave a note at the front desk.

Availability and Reservations for the Aerobics Room/ Playroom

You may check availability with the Club Manager during open hours of the club date and time is not reserved until the Manager gives confirmation.

Reservations are accepted on a “first come-first serve” basis.  Completed license agreements, available from the Manager, along with full payment along with security must be submitted during a business day, at least two weeks prior to your function to a Manager.

Private functions may last a total of five hours and must end at least one hour before the scheduled closing of the club.  This hour is reserved for clean up by the resident/owner and vacuumed by the porters.

The fee for the private use of the club is $200.00 for Monday thru Sunday and $150.00 fee for pool parties with 1 lifeguard.  When the number of swimmers exceeds 10, a second lifeguard must be hired for an additional $50.00.  Both use of the aerobics room and pool is $300.00 fee.

The club must be restored to its normal state; licensee is responsible for any damage done to the club.